Current year – 2016

29-Sep-16 Pensioner Rights and fights

19-Sep-16 Times-Colonist: A by-the-numbers look at foreign pensioners in Canada, and payments abroad

19-Sep-16 CTV News: British retirees in Canada push Liberals to fix decades-old pension fight

19-Sep-16 MetroNews: British retirees in Canada want Liberals to push for increased pensions

9-Sep-16 The Telegraph: Brexit minister says it is ‘very improbable’ UK will remain a member of the single market

4-Sep-16 The Telegraph: G20: Theresa May in talks over a free trade deal with Australia after Brexit

31-Aug-16 UK Parliamentary Briefing Note: The New State Pension – Backround – Djuna Thurley

31-Aug-16 UK Parliamentary Briefing Note: State Pension Uprating – Djuna Thurley

29-Aug-16 The Sun: Prime Minister unveils master plan to end injustice and help ALL Brits get on in life

26-Aug-16 UK Parliamentary Briefing: Brexit: impact across – policy areas – Edited by Vaughne Mill

23-Aug-16 AOL Money:  EU expats face pension freeze

17-Aug-16 The Olive Press: UK pensioners living in the EU should be afraid, very afraid… but help is on its way

10-Aug-16 UK Parliamentary Briefing: Brexit – implication for pensions – Djuna Thurley

4-Aug-16 Money Observer: Overseas pensioners left in limbo over state pension

2-Aug-16 Money Marketing: The New Pensions Minister – In his own words

2-Aug-16 The Guardian: Falling pound hits British pensioners living overseas

30-Jul-16 The Telegraph: Older people should lose right to a guaranteed state pension that rises every year

29-Jul-16 Money Marketing: The Brexit effect on ex-pat state pensions

25-Jul-16 Brits in Toronto: Ouch! How Brexit is hurting UK pensioners in Canada

25-Jul-16 The Olive Press: Expat pensioners lose thousands of euros in pensions because of Brexit

27-Jun-16 The BBC: Brexit: what does it mean for expats, here and in the EU?

24-Jun-16 Daily Express: Brexit: What will happen to pensions when Britain leaves the EU?

 4-Jun-16 The Guardian: Frozen pension: the RAF veteran facing a chilling choice in Canada

17-May-16 UK Parliamentary Briefing: Frozen Overseas Pensions – Djuna Thurley

12-May-16 National Scotsman: MPs call for changes to system that leaves pensioners overseas facing a ‘national lottery’

30-Apr-16 HM Government: The Social Security Benefits Up-rating Order 2016

6-Apr-16 The Independent: ‘New statement has wreaked havoc on me’

2-Apr-16 The Voice: African And Caribbean Pensioners Hope For Fair Pensions Deal

30-Mar-16 Citywire money: ‘Frozen’ state pensions won’t improve, says Altmann

29-Mar-16 APPG website: Ian Blackford calls for a debate on Frozen Pensions

24-Mar-16 Brits in Toronto: Quirks of the UK State Pension affecting British pensioners living abroad

4-Mar-16 UK government: The process for withdrawing from the European Union

26-Feb-16 The Independent: 400,000 Britons living on the Continent could have state pensions frozen

19-Feb-16 UK Parliamentary Briefing Note: Single-tier State Pension – Transitional questions – Djuna Thurley

13-Feb-16 The Guardian: Is this the start of a thaw for frozen state pensions?

13-Feb-16 The Guardian: Why we must reform rules on frozen overseas pensions – Caroline Lucas

10-Feb-16 UK Parliamentary Briefing Note: State Pension Uprating – 2010 onwards – Djuna Thurley

5-Feb-16 The Independent: UK Government denied war hero Harry Penny an increase in his state pension because he moved to Australia

4-Feb-16 This is Money: Glimmer of hope for 550,000 expats on frozen state pensions

4-Feb-16 Citywire money: Breakthrough for ‘frozen’ pensioners living abroad

29-Jan-16 The Australian: The immoral UK pension policy discriminates against ex-pats

29-Jan-16 The Independent: State pension is frozen for 560,000 British expatriates