John Trantom

john-trantom-485wJohn Trantom is a decorated war veteran, who fought for Britain in the Second World War and now lives in Oakville, Canada. His pension has been frozen since 1980.

John, originally from Cheshire, signed up to become a soldier in 1939, when he was just 19. He served in the North Sea and North Africa and took part in driving back Axis forces from Italy and across Europe to Austria.

For his services during the war he received the Africa Star, the Italy Star, the Defence Medal, the War Medal and the Meritorious Service Award.

John particularly remembers the Monte Cassino battles where German defenders inflicted heavy losses on Allied armies from a historic monastery they had fortified.

“It was bloody fighting and very difficult. There was always bombing and shelling, but I was always fortunate.”

John eventually returned to England, married and returned to his job with an insurance company.